A woman holds her foot in pain


A neuroma is a non-cancerous growth of nerve tissue. When discussing neuromas in your feet it is often called Mortons neuroma, plantar neuroma, or inter-metatarsal neuroma.

This condition affects the nerves in your feet, most often between the third and fourth toe. The tissue thickens around the nerves which causes a painful, uncomfortable burning sensation.


Typically there are few outward signs of neuroma, unlike most other foot conditions.

Usually pain that affects the ball of the foot and spreads to the toes is an indication of neuroma. It is unknown what directly causes neuroma, but certain activities can increase the likely hood of getting it. Factors that can contribute to neuroma include irritation, injury, pressure on the nerves and other foot conditions such as hammertoes , flat feet , or bunions .

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mpact activities such as jogging or basketball or wearing tight fitting or narrow shoes also contribute to neuroma. If pain lasts for more than a few days you should seek immediate medical attention as early detection can help prevent costly surgery. 


Generally, rest, a change of footwear, and the use of arch supports can help alleviate the symptoms of neuroma and prevent it from getting worse.

If the pain persists you should seek medical attention from Mid Nebraska Foot Clinic. The services we provide include corticosteroid injections to help reduce pain and swelling. In very severe cases surgery may be the only option.

While it has a very high success rate, it can cause permanent numbness of the toes because the procedure removes both the growth and the nerve affected by the growth.
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