Ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenail


Ingrown toenails are a common type of nail disease that can inhibit your mobility and cause severe discomfort. This condition occurs when the edge of the nail curves into the soft tissue that encases the nail, which can be extremely painful.

While ingrown nails are usually seen on your toes, they can occur on any nail.


The primary cause of ingrown toenails is ill-fitting footwear, which causes your nails to grow in a potentially harmful way. Other factors such as poor nail maintenance or bad pedicures can contribute. You may have a genetic predisposition for ingrown toenails depending on the way your feet form. 

The symptoms of ingrown toenails including swelling, redness, infected drainage, pain, and discomfort along the sides of the toenail which increases with pressure. This pain can become unbearable, which limits your daily mobility, if not properly treated. 


The best way to prevent ingrown toenails is to cut the toenail straight across the top. Personal treatment of ingrown toenails work best in the beginning stages and only when the ingrown toenail is causing minor discomfort. There are over the counter drugs you can purchase and you can soak your toe in warm water and Epsom salts.

If you are bleeding or have a pus-like discharge you should visit Mid Nebraska Foot Clinic immediately. Waiting to seek medical treatment can cause the infection to worsen and make it harder to treat.
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