callused feet in Grand Island, NE


A callus is an area of the skin that is thickened by constant or continuous friction and irritation. They are generally not a painful or dangerous condition unless your suffer from diabetes.

Calluses are the body's defense mechanism to protect your skin when it is subject to constant pressure and friction. In some cases they can become excessive and painful if not looked after and treated.


There are a number of ways that calluses form: Walking around barefoot can develop calluses to protect the structural integrity of their feet. The uneven distribution of pressure by the toes, often seen in flatfooted patients, can cause callus formations on the underside of the toes. Some calluses can be caused by ill fitting shoes or socks which can be exacerbated by working or exercising for long periods of time in shoes that aren't practical. 

Calluses can be dangerous if your have diabetes due to pre-existing circulation problems. The calluses can damage the surrounding tissues and break down already damaged capillaries. Blood pockets that occur beneath a callus that becomes exposed to the air can become susceptible to infection. If you believe that you fit into this category contact your podiatrist at Mid Nebraska Foot Clinic immediately.


If you want to remove your calluses yourself it can be a long and potentially painful process resulting in infection if not done properly.

The best method is to prevent calluses from forming in the first place by checking your feet for areas of wear and friction and adjusting your footwear accordingly. Removal methods including dissolving agents or sanding them down with a pumice callus remove.

However, the fastest, easiest, and least painful way to remove them is to schedule an appointment at Mid Nebraska Foot Clinic and have us remove it for you.

Give us a call and let us help you today!
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