Athletes Foot

With his shoes off, a man uses his toes to scratch his athlete's foot


Athletes foot is a fungal skin disease most commonly found between your toes. It causes discomfort due to scaling, itching, cracking.

Athletes foot can transfer to other parts of the body and can be difficult to cure and get rid of due to the infections nature and conditions in which it thrives.


Athletes foot is a bacterial fungus that incubates in warm, moist environments such as bathrooms or the inside of your shoes. Closed-toe shoes and socks create a perfect environment for the fungus to grow. Sweat from athletic activity exacerbates the problem.

The main place the fungus is found is communal showers, swimming pool decks, and locker room floors. 

Symptoms of athletes foot include itching, pain, scaling, inflammation, cracked skin, and swelling. When the skin is cracked other bacterial infections can occur as well. It is important to keep good foot hygiene and take care of your feet.


Athletes foot can be difficult to cure as it can linger in sheets, bathmats, and carpets causing reinfection if you aren't careful. The best way to avoid athletes foot is to keep good foot hygiene including washing your feet every day, keeping your feet dry, and wearing shoes when walking in damp public places. If your feet are prone to sweating use talcum powder, wear open shoes, and change your socks often.

For the treatment of athletes foot, topical fungicidal drugs are usually the first options, but in severe cases when the fungus is in the thick external tissue oral antifungal drugs are used. The only way to completely cure athletes foot is to break the cycle of reinfection and deep clean or replace bathmats, sheets, and infected carpet. For more information and treatment, give us a call at Mid Nebraska Foot Clinic.
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